Black Friday UK 2017

When is Black Friday UK 2017?

Black Friday 2017 UK is on the 24th November.

However, some companies such as TalkTalk broadband have already started their Black Friday deals. Yes, that is right, 1 month earlier! We have also heard from other companies who starting their deals as early as 1st November.

What type of deals can I expect?

Black Friday has been known for its tech deals such as TVs and games consoles like PS4 and Xbox. However, that is changing as more and more companies are taking part in Black Friday. These range from clothing all the way to cars and B2B.

The deals themselves vary between brands but Black Friday tends to be their biggest sale of the year.

Have a look at some of the deals Buydirect4u will have on Black Friday.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Here are some quick tips to help you make the most of Black Friday 2017 deals online:

  • Have a list of things you want to buy – Keep a list of things that you want to buy, so you know exactly which shops to check beforehand.
  • Sign up for an account at the shop before Black Friday – If you already know which shops you will be buying from, make sure you have an online account with them to speed up your buying process.
  • Subscribe to our email list – Get all the latest information and alerts when shops go live by signing up to our free email list.
  • Avoid being scammed – Be careful during Black Friday as more cybercriminals target the high sale period.
  • Make sure your credit card/debit card isn’t about to expire – Make sure your credit card or debit card isn’t about to expire, you won’t be able to shop online without money!
  • Stay up till midnight, but some deals may start earlier – A lot of retailers put there deals live at midnight on Thursday and this tends to be the busiest period.

We hope you enjoy shopping this Black Friday 2017 in the UK 🙂