Get 3 of these quirky items for only £18

Everyone needs that perfect gadget! You might be swayed when you have a look at what this wallet ninja includes.

The Wallet Ninja

Tackle life’s awkward little challenges with this nifty tool which includes a bottle, can and letter opener, a box cutter, a ruler, phone stand and peeler! All of which will never rust or bend and it’s been TSA approved for carry during flights.


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The Micro TV Arcade

If you loved the arcade games from the ’80s, you’ll love this. This compact games console connects to the TV and offers hours of fun arcade-style games from the comfort of your sofa.


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The Photo Coasters

Perfect for Christmas + family gatherings. Get out your best family photos and customise them for all to admire and coo over. All you need to do is cut photos to size, insert the photo into the coaster!


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The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Construction Kit


Engage in good ol’ adult fun by building your own legendary spaceship with this Star Wars construction Kit. 2 sheets of laser can be transformed into a fantastic 3D model.

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The Picture Frame Bird Feeder


A thoughtful gift for bird-watching enthusiasts. The frame is vintage-inspired and includes a bird feeding platform and a removable bowl to keep feathered friends chirping happy.

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The Bath Gem


Soak up with this luxury jewel-shaped bath gen. The floating light gives you six different mood displays, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the calming effect.

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The For Fox Sake Mug


This tongue-in-cheek mug is guaranteed to cheer you up during your tea or coffee breaks. A little humour goes a long way!

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The Colour-Changing Unicorn Mood Light


Keep calm and carry on with Uni the Unicorn, he’ll will cast a magical glow wherever he lies. A great night light or bedside accessory, guaranteed to calm all those toddler tantrums.

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The Chocolate Sprouts


Don’t be fooled by their colour (but it is okay to fool someone else, if you want all the chocolate that is), these sprouts are made from pure Belgium chocolate. Gluten free.

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The Credit Card Power Bank


At a size of a credit card this supercharger can conveniently charge all smartphones and tablets wherever you are. Keep it in your wallet or purse!

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