Will the PS4 price drop in the UK for Black Friday?

If you’re in the market for a PS4, you might be holding off until Black Friday in hopes of getting a good deal. If so, you’re not alone; a recent survey by a popular UK cash-back website found that half of Brits are waiting for November 25 to buy the big-ticket items on their list. Just how much can we expect prices to drop for the PS4 in the UK on Black Friday?

The good news is the introduction of the entry-level PS4 Slim and the new PS4 Pro which was released by Sony in the UK two days ago on the 10th. This makes it even more likely than in the past that we will see price drops on the three-year-old PS4. Retailers don’t normally reveal their Black Friday offers too far in advance, but last year’s offers could provide some clues.

This year’s PS4 Black Friday offers likely to be better than 2015

For example, Amazon slashed the price of the 500GB PS4 to just £199.99 last Black Friday, and it also sold the console bundled with two games for £246.85. GAME sold the PS4 with two games for £299.99. Tesco offered the 500GB version with two games for £289, while Argos offered the console with one game for £249.99. Meanwhile, John Lewis sold the console for £289.95 with two games.

While we shouldn’t expect exactly the same prices this year, it’s pretty likely these same retailers will be offering some sort of deal this year as well. In fact, the prices could well be lower as retailers look to shift out these older models in favour of the newer versions.

Tesco has already started dropping prices on tech items, with the PS4 Slim falling by £12, so there is a good chance the PS4 could follow suit in the weeks to come. One thing that often happens on Black Friday is that when one retailer announces a great price on a popular item like the PS4, other retailers quickly follow suit with the same offering.

PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 PRO?

PS4 – likely to see big discounts as retailers will want to get rid of stock.

PS4 Slim – Could possibly see some discounts, with Tesco already slashing prices by a small margin.

PS4 PRO – unlikely to see huge savings but could be some good bundle deals going around.

Stay tuned for updates.